• My work is derived from collected E-waste images and objects that I reorganize and repurpose to make inspire two dimensional paintings and drawings. Some of the E-waste structures become completed sculptures that hang on a wall. These also inspire two-dimensional imagery that I create on paper and canvas.
• The origin of my process, stems from a much earlier interest in cars and road travel that slowly morphed from realistic imagery views of roads and landscapes to looking more at the interior of vehicles specifically the engines. After creating a number of oil paintings based on actual engines, I started building my own with machine parts extracted from recycled tech. The dichotomy of using thing that had no longer any purpose was interesting to me. In a consumer world where so many items outlive their usefulness very quickly and are thrown away, I found a kind of liberation reanimating and reusing these parts.
• I made drawings based on the sculptures as well as larger paintings. I also created a series of hand painted paper collages that further abstracted and reimagined how these E-waste shapes could be transformed into art.
• Through a process of extraction and distillation, I built a series of pieces that used both form and color to depict these new “devices.” They sometimes appear a bit like abstract architecture as well given that there are invented recesses and levels to the completed images.
• More recently, I have deleted a lot of the color, using silver and gold as the foundation for pieces that are modeled with shades of black, white, blues and browns.
• The focus becomes less about the interactions of colors but more form and shadow.
• And using silver and gold adds to the mechanized aspect of the work.
• There is a kind of visual passage or journey that I take while creating these pieces that relates in a very different way to the earlier work of mine that was about road travel.
• My eyes take a literal journey as opposed to a conceptual one based on a place that I have been.

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