Included on this site are four categories or series of paintings and drawings that span the last four of five years. Each theme is connected by the use of pattern and/or texture that frames a specific subject whether its engines or classical figures.
Each series is concerned with describing different interpretations of the concept of beauty. The earliest pieces are those that integrate baroque tapestry patterns into either classical figures, people or animals. In my more recent work, I have been developing paintings that are set on a more plaster like wall surface and accentuated with expressive colors.
The origins of engines in my work is a bit more difficult to describe and is better understood by looking at my other earlier site,
There you will find a series of landscapes that are taken from the position of being in cars or on the road. These pieces evolved into other interpretations of road travel including road signs where my figurative work on this site evolved from. My newest engine pieces are also connected to even earlier work not featured on either site where I was very interested in symbols and icons that I abstracted with expressive colors.
The engines are in some sense a fusion of ideas that have been percolating for some ten to fifteen years. The organic nature of these inorganic static structures is alluring. The bright colors and crisp shapes of these forms stand in opposition to their original form that I extracted from photographs.